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Must Have Accessories for Pet Travel

Let's be honest. Pets are thought of as family members. We adore them as if they were our own children. Whether you are traveling by vehicle, boat, train, or aircraft, your pet should have all of their essential belongings with them.

Taking anyone on vacation from kids to pets require some preparation before takeoff. Packing and traveling altogether can be a very chaotic and an overwhelming experience for both you and your pet. We are here to help make the packing process less hectic. Throughout this blog, we will make sure you have the correct boxes to check off the check list as you pack for your next vacation. Here are 4 must have pet travel accessories to pack on your next big adventure with your furry friend.


 1. Collapsible Water Bowl 


collapsible water bowl



Why we love it: Each bowl is collapsible for easy storage and the carabiner clip easily attaches for on-the-go need for your fur babies.

Travel considerations: Like anyone traveling, it is always best to stay hydrated. That is why the collapsible water bowl is a key pet traveling accessory. Dogs can get extra anxious while traveling and it is handy to have a bowl that is lightweight but can also be used at any moment of your trip. Simply attach the carabiner clip to your backpack, luggage, leashes, pet carriers, or clothing.

Not only is it important to stay hydrated but no one wants a hangry pet. The collapsible silicon bowl can also be used for pet food. Rinse and dry after each use and your pet will thank you for coming so well prepared on their new exploration. It is also important to note that the collapsible bowl is dishwasher safe. It is a win-win accessory for you and your pet.


2. Pet Food Scoop + Bag Clip


1 Cup Pet Food Scoop


Why we love it: The 1 Cup Pet Food Scoop helps maintain your pet’s original daily diet. You do not want to over or under feed your pet while traveling.

Travel Considerations: No one wants to be cleaning miscellaneous pieces of pet food/treats from the bottom of their traveling bags. That is why the 1 Cup Pet Food Scoop is on our list for must have pet travelling accessories because of its neat bag food clip. Simply attach the bag food clip to your pet’s food bag and it will be secure throughout your whole traveling journey. It will also keep your pet’s food fresh! Although they cannot say thank you, they will surely appreciate it.

The 1 Cup Pet Food Scoop will also help properly portion your pet’s meals. You want them to feel relaxed and continue their normal daily feeding schedule. Keeping up with your dogs routine as much as possible will help with the traveling process. No one enjoys an upset tummy while traveling.

Pro tip - Always pack extra food for your pet in case of delays or unforeseen emergencies.


3. Dog Towel

Why we love it: 9 out of 10 times, dogs always get dirtier than anticipated no matter how well behaved or trained. Keeping this lightweight Dog Towel allows you to dry off your pet in seconds.

Travel Considerations: Boating, hiking, walking on the beach, swimming, you name it. Your pup will come back a little messier than they were when they had arrived. The easy portable Dog Towel allows your pet to have their own “change of clothes” while traveling. No one wants to be wet or muddy, not even your pet. This towel also has the perfect pockets at both ends of the towel for human hands to make drying time a bit easier for their owners. Our microfiber easy-to-wash towel is the solution you need for keeping a clean pup on your next trip.

Microfiber pet towels are best known for being:

- Lightweight

- Easy to wash

-Super absorbent

- Soft on fur and skin

 dog towel


4. Sturdy Leash - Extra Points for a Poop Bag Dispenser

Why we love it: Leashes keep your furry friend safe from getting into trouble and keeps them by your side for comfort. You never want to be in an awkward situation where your pet takes a poop and you have nothing to pick it up with. Keeping disposable poop bags on hand is always a necessary pet accessory that you will never regret having.  


Travel considerations: Carrying a leash with a poop bag dispenser is always a good idea. In most towns and cities, it is the law to have your pet on a leash and clean up after them when they are no longer on your own property. Keeping your pet on a leash protects them from on-coming traffic whether it be on the road or foot traffic in a busy airport. Having your pet on a leash also protects your pup and others around them.

In recent years, the Department of Transportation has mandated U.S airports that serve over 10,000 passengers annually require a pet rest area. Although every airline is different when it comes to the rules and regulations for pet passengers, it is important to research the pet mandates for your specific airline & airport before booking.

 Click here for articles about animal and pet relief areas in airports.


A successful vacation with a pet starts long before the day of travel. With these essential pet accessories for traveling, you and your pet will both arrive to your destination and return home happy, healthy, and safe. Whether your ideal trip is laying on the beach or taking your pup camping, careful planning and packing for your next trip with your furry friend will be much easier so you can take on the world trip after trip! We hope these pet traveling accessories make your vacations and day trips a whole lot easier!


Safe travels!

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