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Must Have Pet Accessories for a Happy & Healthy Pup

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When creating this list of the top 4 Essential Pet Accessories for a Happy and Healthy Pup – it was simple. I thought about my favorite products that makes my life easier and my dog happier. Level up your daily strolls, hiking trips, vacations, feeding time, and style with these 4 must have essentials. These items are easily portable and practical for all pet owners. Ever since I have discovered these 4 accessories, my life has been more enjoyable because I am creating a happier and healthier life for my pup.


1. Collapsible Water Bowl

Regardless of the time of day or the weather, your dog will require water at some point throughout their walk. Save your pet from having to wait for you to return home to give them water. The portable dog bowl is a simple solution that is easy to use and so light that you won't even notice you're carrying it!

The colorful dog bowls fold down flat and with its simple carabiner clip, all you have to do is attach the portable water bowl to any buckle or bag and go about your walk like normal.


silicon dog bowl


Communal pet bowls are areas where bad bacteria thrive, the collapsible water bowl alternative is a great solution to keeping your dog happy, healthy, and hydrated. Your pet will thank you for their new favorite on-the-go doggie bowl.

The collapsible bowl is a versatile product. Not only can it be used as a water bowl, the portable dog bowl can also be used for pet food. Going on a long hike, traveling, or dropping your pup off at daycare or loved one’s house? Easily attach the carabiner clip to one of your backpacks, bags or buckles to carry your small dog bowl anywhere!


collapsible dog bowl


The doggie bowl is not just an outdoors bowl, it is also sturdy enough for in home use. The collapsible dog bowl can be easily washed (dishwasher safe or washed with warm water and soap) and stored for your on-the-go needs. Pick your favorite color and design and bring it everywhere you go! You will never have to stress about carrying huge plastic or metal pet bowls with you ever again.


silicon dog bowl, colorful collapsible dog bowl


2. Collapsible Pet Food Scoop with Keep Food Fresh Bag Clip

Portion control for your pet is so important and not talked about enough in the pet industry. That is why one of our four must have pet products is the Collapsible Pet Food Scooper. It is an easy storage 1 cup measuring food scooper. With proper food portions and the correct amount of activity level you will improve your pup’s overall health. Correctly measuring out your pup’s food is one of the key elements to ensuring a happy and healthy – long lasting life for your beloved pet.


portion control doggy food scooper


It is also important to keep your pet’s food stored correctly to make sure it stays fresh. That is why this collapsible pet food scooper also contains a dog food clip element that allows you to easily keep pet food fresh. Another bonus of this product is that you will never lose the scooper because it will always be attached to the bag!


washable pet food scooper


Your pet is too important to be misfed, that is why getting a consistent daily feeding routine and proper food measurements is so important. Using the same 1 cup measuring food scooper will be beneficial to consistently feed your pet the correct portion of food. Pets are family members and they deserve to be properly taken care of.

Overweight pets can suffer from:

- Difficulty breathing
- Decrease in stamina
- Poor liver function
- Joint, bone or ligament damage
- Heart disease


pet food scoop

3. Poop Bag Dispensers

Believe it or not, poop bags are an essential product when you become a dog owner. That is why our design features an easy to grab & on-the-go poop bag dispenser hidden discreetly on the back of the bag keychain holder.

Almost all towns and cities have local government rules asking to clean up after your dog on walks. Now, there are even environmentally friendly poop bags that are biodegradable and made of recycled materials. The poop bag dispenser key chain makes it easy to refill your earth-friendly poop bags when you are running low – I have found it is always better to carry more than you think you will need.

The poop bag dispenser key chain is a fun and fashionable accessory that comes in a variety of different prints, colors, and funny sayings; no one will know you are carrying a dog poop bag dispenser.


    4. Collar Charms

    Collar charms are a fun way to let your pet express their personalities. Is your pet goofy, sassy, playful, or acts like a prince/princess… we have a collar charm to show it! Each charm is designed with a humorous catch phrase on vibrant colors. Collar charms are cute and fashionable and they make great gifts for pet owners. They are lightweight and have easy accessibility to put on and take off with its large lobster claw closure. Each one is sure to enhance your Pups cuteness. 

    P.S. Always make sure your pet has a dog tag on every collar or harness they own! Include your pets name, your name, telephone number and lastly your address just for safety precautions. Dog tags are also a mandatory legal requirement but think of it as a faster way to reunite if something were to ever go wrong.


    Having the right equipment is so important to creating a happy and healthy pup. Once you have these 4 must have pet accessories you will forget what life was like without them. Your pet will be so much happier, prepared and content on everyday walks, hiking trips, travelling and everyday life with a constant routine and products they enjoy.

    These 4 products are a win-win solution for everyone. I hope with this helpful list of 4 Must Have Pet Accessories for a Happy & Healthy Pup, you will be able to create more memorable and joyful memories with your beloved pets.


    We hope you and your happy & healthy pet enjoy our fun unique pet brand accessories!

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